The History of Lawn Mowers: from Invention to Modern Days

Speaking of impeccable juicy lawns, many people associate them with England, although the first lawns with well-groomed grass appeared in France in the 18th century. It seems like this light misunderstanding happened due the fact that a museum that is dedicated to lawn mowers is in Engliand. There were even competitions that resembled races on different kinds of lawn mowers.

Beginning of the Era of Lawn Mowers

The history of lawn mowers begins from the 30s of the 19th century. Englishman Edwin Beard Budding was the first who received a patent to manufacture a lawn mower to trim the grass. This was on August 31, 1830. Initially, when he was working on design, he planned to adapt the device in a way that it could perform a uniform haircut of the carpets. Only in the process of work Budding realized that if to put this unique design on wheels, it can be used to level the grass in height.

The Earliest Lawn Mowers

The earliest model of Budding’s lawn mowers can be seen in various museums: in the Science Museum, the Milton Keynes Museum and the museum, which is located in the hometown of John Ferrabi and Budding, in Stroud. The very first models of lawn mowers were produced of a cast iron. By design they had two rotating cylinders with the knives in front. Rotation from the rear cylinder to the cutting front was transmitted by means of cast iron gears.

A bit later Budding and Ferrabi allowed to make copies of their devices. So, everyone, who managed to obtain the license, could produce lawn mowers. A great success was achieved by the company called Ransomes. In the city of Ipswich in England they began to produce lawn mowers starting from 1832. Since that time and up today, this company is one of the most famous manufacturers of garden machinery, well-known in the UK.

Initially, lawn mowers worked only with the help of horse traction. The American Elwood McGuire in 1870 managed to create a copy, which could be used by people. Of course, not only this person was engaged into the process of lawn mowers development and production. But it happened that large commercial success was overtaken exactly by his famous light lawn mower.

Further Improvements of Lawn Mowers

Further Improvements of Lawn Mowers

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Further, in the 1890’s appeared motor prototypes of McGuire’s device. That models worked with the help of a gasoline or steam engine. Those, which had a steam engine, were very popular that days. But soon it became clear to consumers that they spent a lot of time to get those mowers ready for work than to improve them.

By 1900 a lawn mower was greatly improved. The models with a gasoline engine had come to the winners. The production of popular today electric lawn mowers launched long ago in the 1920s and 1930s, but they were not that popular. Popularity came later.

A huge step forward in the history of lawn mowers development was made in 1950. It means that such garden machines became reliable and cheap. Subsequently, lawn mowers became even more inexpensive, when in 1960s manufacturers started to use plastic in production.

Now having a lawn mower at home is required for those who have juicy green grass close to the house. A lot of companies have a patent on the development and compete with each others. Prices are different the same as the materials of the devices. People are able to choose a model that works better for them.