4 Best Zero Turn Mowers to Buy in 2019 – Reviews & Guide

Keeping a lawn in top shape is something that you can be proud of and there are some towns that go as far as organizing contests for the best-looking lawn. So, even though it’s more of a fancy occupation rather than a necessity, lawn mowing is a very important aspect for every homeowner. But in order to achieve excellent results, you need to have the absolute best zero turn mower and this article is conceived to help you make the best decision. As you may already know, finding the best zero turn mower is no easy job, however, we’re going to give you a lot of information and helpful tips and tricks to make finding the best zero turn mower an easier and fun task. So, without further ado, let’s get you on track for identifying and buying the best zero turn mower possible.

Best Zero Turn Mowers Comparison

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Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

Husqvarna MZ61

We’re starting our reviews with our choice for the title of the best zero turn mower available on the market right now. If you have a big surface that needs mowing and you want to get through the whole process fast and easy, you will definitely head your attention towards the model Husqvarna offers. Equipped with a powerful 27 horsepower Briggs and Stratton V-twin engine and the widest cutting deck for personal-use mowers, the Husqvarna MZ61 offers exceptional quality and performance at a reasonable price. The power and accuracy of this mower offer a beautiful clean cut every time.



  • Powerful 4-stroke engine.
  • Powerful motor for accurate cuts
  • Long cutting blade to easily cover more ground
  • Effortlessly cut your lawn while riding on the mower


  • The steering can be a bit difficult to master, however, you have detailed instructions on how everything works.

Troy-Bilt WC33

If you want to get the best zero turn mower but not a riding model, the Troy-Bilt walk-behind model is definitely a good choice for you. It’s powered by a 420cc OVH motor that can be started electrically for great convenience, especially in the colder days. The 33-inch twin blade system ensures an accurate cut and covers an impressive area of land for a walk-behind model. As an extra feature that makes this mower one of the best choices, there’s an integrated deck wash system that keeps everything clean for future uses. You can attach a bagger to it and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.



  • Four different forward speeds
  • Integrated deck wash system
  • 3-year warranty protection


  • It’s quite expensive for a walk-behind type, however, you are paying for top-quality and efficacy.

Poulan Pro P46ZX

Not exactly what we’d call the best zero turn mower, however, the Poulan Pro comes with a set of features and a price tag that makes it impossible to leave out of this list. Compared to other riding zero-turn mowers, the 22-horsepower engine offers less power and the cutting deck is also smaller, however, it truly compensates in the price department. It has an electric clutch and the Hydro gear EZT transmission system that makes it very easy to maneuver even for beginners and it can hold 3.5 gallons of fuel for around 4 hours of non-stop mowing.



  • Comes at a lower price than other standing zero turn mowers
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Electrical clutch
  • Great autonomy with a full tank of fuel


  • The only flaw we could find regarding the Poulan Pro mower is that replacement parts are hard to locate, however, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any problems with this mower.

Husqvarna 967271701

Considered to be a smaller brother for the MZ61, the Husqvarna 967271701 offers the same impressive quality at smaller dimensions. We have to say that the price tag didn’t follow the same reducing trend and it still stands at quite a high value but that’s well backed-up by a lot of features. The Air Induction Technology is one good example in that direction, allowing air to be drawn from the bottom and top of the deck, lifting the grass for a better cut. Also, the maintenance-free integrated transmission is a high point for the Husqvarna mower. It has a deck lift system that is spring assisted for ease of use, easily accessible for the operator.



  • The Air Induction technology ensures an even cut
  • Good power from the engine
  • 54” blade


  • Some customers reported issues with the belt, however, that’s most likely something derived from a defective product.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower – Buying Guide

In case this is the first time you’re even hearing the term of ‘zero turn mower’, it’s best to start with a brief definition of what exactly this type of mower is and why is it called like that. A zero turn lawn mower is a type of lawn mower that has the deck in front rather than underneath it. It gets the name from the fact that you have a zero turn radius, meaning that you can pivot the mower on its back wheels without leaving any uncut grass. If you’ve read the above zero turn mower reviews, you’ve noticed that all the presented models have two large wheels in the back to offer traction and the pivoting wheels in front.

Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower

You might have already noticed quite a lot of advantages you get from using this type of mower on your lawn, however, we want to make the information as easy to access as possible and we put together the main benefits.

  • You can easily change direction, making the entire mowing process a lot easier and quicker than with other types of devices.
  • The wheels operate independently from one another, making the zero turn lawn mower extremely maneuverable and easy to use even by inexperienced operators.
  • It will save you a lot of fuel and you will get the job done a lot quicker than with other types of mowers.
  • You can always be certain of an even cut thanks to the special grass lifting system.

Zero Turn Mower Levels

  • Entry Level
  • Perfect for homeowners with too much lawn surface to cover
  • Not suited for daily use
  • Affordable compared to the professional models
  • Dependable and durable

Mid Level

  • Built with more expensive components and materials compared to entry level models
  • Usually more powerful engines
  • The transmission is generally sturdier on this models
  • More expensive


  • Destined for professional landscapers, businesses or homeowners with a very large property
  • Designed for daily use
  • Heavy-duty transmission, larger fuel capacity, higher-quality materials
  • Good acceleration and control
  • More comfortable riding position

Features to Look at When Buying a Zero Turn Mower

No matter if you’re shopping for a Husqvarna zero turn mower or any other model available on the market, there are some standard features that you should be focusing on. Next, we’ll go through these features and check out their importance in the final decision. So, get ready to identify the main features for buying the best residential zero turn mower.

Deck Size

The deck is the lower portion in front of the mower that holds the cutting blade. These mowers usually have large decks but the size can vary from 30 to 65 inches. It goes without saying that if you have a lot of ground to cover, you’ll be opting for a larger deck. However, a 0 turn mower with a large deck can prove to be quite difficult to maneuver. The size of the deck is also consistent with the size of the entire mower so you might also consider storage space when deciding on the deck size.

Power and Engine Size

Like any other lawn mower, the zero turn models come with different engine powers and sizes. Usually, a more powerful engine translates into faster cutting and better results on rough terrain. The power of the engine on a zero turn mower is usually between 14 and 27 horsepower and you should be set with anything above 18 horsepower for medium and large properties.


Speed is also an important factor in case you don’t really have enough time to take care of your lawn. The faster you go, the less time you spend cutting the lawn and that translates into more time for different activities around the house. For an entry-level zero turn mower you can expect the top speed of 5 – 7 miles per hour while the semi-pro models can go up to 9 miles per hour. A special exception is made for the commercial mowers that can travel at 14 miles per hour or even faster with excellent results.


One thing you may have noticed about the zero turn mowers is that they don’t have steering wheels. You control the mower with two levers that can be pushed or pulled for going forward or going in reverse. If you want to make a turn to the left, you need to push the right lever first and leave the left lever in its place. That way, the mower will turn to your left and as soon as you steered enough bring back the lever to the initial position.


Besides going forward, backward, left or right, you have different levers on a zero-turn lawn mower that control the cutting height, while some models might even come with a command to set the speed of the blade.


After going through all the different zero turn lawn mower reviews and features, we hope that you are now able to identify the very best model for your needs. Just in case you’re still not 100% sure you can make the right decision, going with the Husqvarna MZ61 is your best bet because it has everything a top lawn mower should offer, it is versatile and the price tag on it is competitive as well. So, there you go, now you know what the best zero turn mower is, all you have to do now is find the best price for it and start working on that perfectly cut lawn.