Best Lawn Aerator in 2018

The lawns tend to get compact with time. As a result, they need to be aerated more often. This is where you need to get yourself the best lawn aerator. With the best aerator, you will be able to make the root system of the various plants on the lawn to access water, air, and nutrients with ease. So, what are some of the best lawn aerator models? We get to give you a guide that will help you in picking the model right now, whether you are looking for a small lawn aerator or a tow behind lawn aerator.

It is amazing that from the lawn aerator reviews, you can always end up with the best model. If the aeration is done right, the lawn soil will absorb more water. You also get to reduce the soil compaction and thus the lawn will be great for growing various plants. The best part is that the results are always visible in a short time.

You can always trust us to deliver on the best information that you need to make up your mind, whether it’s about liquid air aeration, gas lawn aerators or simply best lawn aerator reviews. At the end of this guide, you will always be in a position to know which model is the best for you. You will be able to answer questions such as “When to aerate lawn?”, “How to aerate lawn?”, or “How often to aerate lawn?”.

Top 8 Best Lawn Aerators Compared and Reviewed

Best Aerator Overall: Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator

This is one of the top models on the market right now when it comes to the best lawn aerators. To be the best aerator, it had to deliver on quality features. Thanks to having the impressive spikes, it is able to perforate the soil up to 2 inches deep. This makes sure that your fertilizer and water can reach the lawn’s root system. You can be sure it will be great than some models on the market. This lawn aerator machine is also highly durable. This is thanks to having strong construction. It also comes with 11 galvanized steel stars and 132 tine tips.



  • Highly durable
  • Deep aeration
  • Comes with wheels for portability
  • no


    • Heavy

    Best for Versatility: Agri-Fab Plug Aerator

    This is another top lawn aerator that you could use for your lawn right now. The model does come with impressive tires that makes it good for maneuverability. There is no doubt you will have an easy time working with the aerator all the time. It also comes with a handle that allows for easy raising and lowering of the aerator knives. You will get that it is always among the lawn aerator reviews as it can deliver on good performance. Since it perforates up to 3 inches, you get that it is good in terms of aerating your lawn.



    • Impressive maneuverability
    • Easy transport
    • Deep penetration
    • Cheap lawn aerator


    • Quality control could be better

    Best Handheld Lawn Aerator: Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator

    For those looking for lawn aerator for sale that is easy to use, then this is it. This grass aerator comes with ease of use features since it is handheld. It is able to make it possible for you to use it around your garden with ease. When used, it is able to promote vigorous growth, strengthening tolerance and also making your garden deal with heat stress. You will also get that this yard aerator being made for durability. It will be in a position to deliver on the best aeration than other models on the market right now. Since it is also 37 inches in height, it should be perfect for many people to use it right now.



  • Built to last
  • Reduces runoff
  • Handheld for ease of use
  • no


    • Takes time to aerate a large lawn

    Best Model on Budget: Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

    When it comes to owning the best lawn aerator, it is amazing that you can also end up with lawn aerator shoes. The shoes are really good when it comes to soil aeration. When used, you get that the model will promote greener and healthier lawns. You should find that the root system will have better access to the water, fertilizer, and air all the time. There is no best time to aerate lawn like now when you have such products. You can be in a position to conveniently use the model as it is easy and a quick fix. If you’re not satisfied, you could always go for lawn aerator sandals.



    • Durable straps
    • Cheap and easy solution
    • Quick and convenient


    • Not the best for a large lawn

    Best Crank Lawn Aerator: Lotech Products Crank Compost Aerator

    This is another best lawn aerator on the market right now. It will be in a position to give you some good performance using it today. It is made from strong parts to make sure it is durable. You will get that it is made from stainless steel to ensure it can live up to the various weather conditions. Its design also allows for ease of use. You do not need any training to get it donem, and it’s a push lawn aerator. The best part about using this model should be that it can go up to a depth of 29 inches. You should enjoy owning it right now on overall.



  • Ease of use
  • Reliably aerates the lawn
  • It has an impressive penetration
  • no


    • Might need more time to complete a large garden

    Best for Small Gardens: Garden Weasel Core Aerator

    If you need aerating your lawn with so much ease, you get that the model does come with impressive performance features all the time. The model is really good when it comes to bringing new life to the lawn. Thanks to its activities, it is able to allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the root systems. You can always be sure that it will work great as compared to some other models on the market. It might not be a push aerator, but the design also makes it good for ease of use. It is definitely one of the best aerate lawn tools you should own today.



    • Ease of use
    • Durable construction
    • Good grip


    • Tends to easily clog in clay soil

    Best for Portability: Fiskars Coring Lawn Aerator

    This model is also one of the best lawn aerators on the market to make sure that it can deliver on the best performance. It is able to deliver on ease of use as compared to some models on the market. You do not even have to check out the manual as you can be up and using it in no time. Since it is lightweight, the model should allow for ease of use in a large garden. It is definitely a portable lawn aerator with its lightweight nature, but it does the trick – it’s a lawn core aerator. The model also comes with the option of adjusting the height. You can now adjust from 38 inches to 62 inches, making it really good in terms of performance. The best lawn aerator reviews always show that it is good for overall use.



  • Good aeration
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • no


    • Has clogging issues in some cases

    Best for Clay and Compact Soil: Mantis Power Tiller Aerator

    This model is really good when it comes to the overall performance. It will make sure that you can enjoy some good performance to keep you having a nice time aerating the lawn. It is also among the best lawn aerator as it comes with a combo pack that makes it deliver on better versatility. The model is also able to go deep in the soil to make sure that it can always deliver on better aerations. According to many best lawn aerator reviews, the model is also good for the compact and clay soil. This is where other models might have a hard time going through.



    • Great performance
    • Ease of use
    • Can work great for compact and clay soil


    • Expensive

    Types of Grass Aerators: How To Spot The Best Lawn Aerator For Your Needs

    Below we talk about types of lawn aerators so you can properly find exactly what you are looking for. Let’s have a look.

    Spike Aerator

    This one comes with a design like that of a fork. You can get it having four or five spikes that help with penetrating the lawn to loosen the compacted soil. To use it, you just have to put your foot in the provided foot hole and push down. The spikes will sink into the soil and then you pull it out. You just now have to repeat for the whole lawn.

    Spike Core Aerator

    For those with a lawn with a lot of thatch and densely compacted soil, then this is a good option. It looks like a garden, but it has two sharp tines. This makes it easily go deep into the soil and stimulate the grass growth all the time.

    Spike Aerator Shoes

    If you are into doing a lot of mowing and gardening, then you might want to invest in a pair of spike shoes. They might feel weird at first when wearing them, you will always like the way they work. You will have an easy time aerating the lawn as you can just walk around doing the aeration.

    Push-style Roller Aerator

    For a medium-sized lawn, you can always consider this type of lawn aerator. It does come with a push-style design that allows for ease of moving around as you walk behind aerator. To make the movement better, you get that it has two wheels so that you can push it around. The rolling lawn aerator will also have multiple sharp steel spikes that help with penetrating turf and soil. You can also call it a manual lawn aerator.

    Tow-style Plug Aerator

    This is always an excellent choice for those with large lawns. These aerators are always designed to handle the large lawns with ease. You get to tow them with a tractor and help with keeping the grass neatly mowed. It is always worth using it if you want to get the job done fast and right.

    Lawn Aerator Buying Guide. What to Look at.

    #1 Power

    In the case of electric aerators, you always have to check out the input and output power. This often determines just how well the electric lawn aerator will work for your garden. It is best to buy a powerful gadget that can deliver quality performance.

    #2 Durability

    The model is only good if it can deliver on the best durability. For most models, you will find that they come made of stainless steel. You can find others being made of other materials. Stainless steel is known to be the best option as it allows for better durability while remaining lightweight also. The plastic models might be lighter than steel models, but they tend to break easily.

    #3 Knives or Spikes

    This will vary from one lawn spike aerator to another. It often comes down to what you need. You will be in a position to have good aeration whenever you choose the spikes. This is because they tend to have a deeper penetration always.

    #4 Cost

    Depending on a model, you can get that some models would cost differently. Some models would be expensive while others cheap. It all comes down to your budget. You have to get a model that will deliver on the best performance for the amount of money you have. Doing a bit of research will always help you end up with a top performance model.

    #5 Penetration

    To be the best lawn aerator, then the model should be able to deliver on the best penetration. Each model would have its own type of penetration. You need a model that can go deep into compact soil and deliver on better aeration.

    Aerating Your Lawn. FAQs

    When is the best time to do lawn aeration?

    It is always important to check your lawn soil more often to determine if it is compact or not. Some people use a screwdriver to push through to find out whether it is hard or loose. When it is hard, then the lawn needs aeration.

    What can cause browning in a lawn?

    The brown spots can always be as a result of many things. Most of the time, it could be that the lawn lacks better aeration, lack of water, and a fungus is in the spot. With proper aeration, you can always get that sometimes the brown spots are eliminated.

    How soon should I expect results after aeration?

    It might take a couple of weeks, but you will definitely notice that the lawn will start looking better.

    The Best Lawn Aerator. Final Advice.

    For the longest time, you will always get that the best lawn aerator will help you with maintaining your lawn as from today. It is therefore important to pick a model that can deliver on quality performance. From the list above, you can always find one model that can keep you enjoying the best performance and usability.

    Always take the time to compare the various models before making up your mind. There is no doubt you will have a great time owning one right now on the market if you know what you want. From the buying guide section, you now know what to look for in a top performance model.

    The Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator is good in terms of performance on overall. It is the best you can buy right now on this list. It is always easy to engage making it one of the best lawn aerators to own today.